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ELECTRO CHAABI 77 minutes, 2013 Direction : Hind MEDDEB (France, Tunisia) Production : IPS (France), Studio Masr (Egypt) ___ In the slums of Cairo, young people dance to electro chaabi, a new music blending folk song, electro beats and freestyles chanted as rap. The idea is to merge the sounds and styles in a chaotic …

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DÉSÉQUILIBRE 54 minutes, 2013 Direction : Julien GAERTNER (France) Production : Jem Productions (France), France Télévisions (France), 2M (Maroc) ___ Like all his family, Younes was born an acrobat. Today the head of Tangier’s Groupe Acrobatique, he prepares a new show, “Azimut”, with the stage director Aurélien Bory. But between his family life in the …

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