(Beyond the lens: Lacroix, Dalí)

56 minutes, 2018
Director : Céline FORMENTIN (France) and Antonio PEREZ MOLERO (Spain)
Production : Inicia Films, Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (Spain)

On August 8th 1970 Marc and Thérèse Lacroix, a couple of photographers, were celebrating their wedding anniversary in Cadaqués. A chance meeting with the painter Salvador Dalì transformed their life forever.

Céline FORMENTIN is a script-writer and director. For the past ten years she has made documentaries with a particular interest in films about culture. She has also written other documentaries.

Antonio PÉREZ MOLERO is a script-writer, director and DoP. His list of credits include the documentaries “The interpreter” (2016 57 minutes and 72 minutes – Best Documentary Award at Bilbao), “Colgados de un sueño” (2012 “Hanging on a Dream” 52 minutes – Best Documentary Award FECICAM 2013), “4 Seasons estacions” (2011 “4 Seasons” 52 minutes Finalist Goya Award 2012) and “El Fin de la espera” (2009 “The End of the Waiting” 52 minutes).