68 minutes, 2017
Director: Gaia VIANELLO (Italy) and Juan Martin BAIGORRIA (Argentina, Italy)
Production: Sunset Produzioni (Italy)


Ever since the protests in December 2010, street-art has taken over public spaces in Tunisia. They have become places where artistic and cultural creations directly address citizens. Dance companies, theatre companies and film clubs are using Tunisian squares, medinas and markets as new performance areas, accessible to everyone. By following various collectives such as Zwewla, Mass’Art and many others, this documentary shows that art is every person’s duty. Speaking to everyone, especially to younger generations, it has the power to awaken consciences and mobilize a lot of people to fight infringements of civil liberties and extremist rhetoric.

Gaia VIANELLO is a project leader and director.
For several years she lived in North Africa and the Middle East, working with NGO’s and international organisations as a gender and migration specialist. Since 2011 she has worked with the production company Sunset soc.coop. She wrote and produced “Aicha è tornata” (2011), and produced and directed “This is not paradise” (2014) and “Les amoureux des bancs publics” (2017). Currently she is working at Università Ca’ Foscari in Venice and for several audiovisual production companies.

was born in Argentina in 1977. For several years he has lived in Bologna (Italy), where he works as documentary maker and DoP for the production company Sunset soc.coop., specialising in social communication.