(21st Century Ulysses)

71 minutes, 2017
Director : Lidia Peralta GARCIA
Production : Producciones Damira

Morocco is the country with one of the highest rates of emigration in the world. An estimated three million Moroccans live in other countries. Since the first internal migrations in the 1950’s from rural areas to the towns, post-independence Moroccan cinema has recorded and accompanied all the major migratory moments: setting sail in leaking, flimsy boats, life in Europe, the return to Morocco. This documentary, “Les Ulysses du 21ème siècle”, looks at migration through Moroccan films.Album(s) d’Auschwitz” (2011) co-directed with William Karel, “Ethel Rosenberg, la dernière danse” (2003) et “La Rafle du Vel d’Hiv, 50 ans après” (1992).

Lidia PERALTA GARCÍA is a journalist and documentary film-maker. She is currently working at the Faculté de Communication de l’Université Autonome de Barcelone, in Spain. For more than ten years she has been a journalist working on the culture programme Tesis on Canal Sur 2 for Andalusian public television. As a freelance film-maker she has written and directed ten documentaries. She is interested in social questions dealing with the representation of minority groups and North-South relations. She has looked particularly at Africa and the Arab world. Her documentary “A house for Bernarda Alba” won the Art, Heritage and Cultures of the Mediterranean Award at the 2013 PriMed.