75 minutes, 2017
Réalisation : Yeliz SHUKRI (Chypre)
Production : Tetraktys Films, Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee (Chypre)

Forced to marry at a very young age, Fetine Memish had to live in a foreign country and never saw her family or her homeland again. Her fate, like that of thousands of other girls exiled in similar circumstances, remained a mystery. Until the day her brother’s granddaughter embarked on a serious investigation to find her.

Yeliz SHUKRI was born in Australia but moved to Cyprus in her childhood, when the checkpoints dividing the country were opened. Since then she has worked in television and film production, making films which help promote unity, peace and understanding between Cypriot communities. Yeliz works for the Cypriot national television, CyBC, and as a freelance director making documentaries. Since 2017 she has been a member of the board of the Cyprus Refugee Council, an independent not-for-profit organisation which helps refugees, asylum-seekers, the detained, victims of slavery and survivors of torture. “Missing Fetine” is her second feature-length film.