75 minutes, 2015
Director: Ernesto PAGANO (Italy)
Production : Ladoc (Italy), Isola Film (Italy)

One day Naples wakes up and discovers it has become Islamic. A camera wanders through the city before getting under the skin of ten people who have converted to Islam: an unemployed person, a girl in love, a rapper, a father. A random mix of people, but for each the Koran provides an answer to social injustice, unbridled consumption and a world without hope. But the religion they have chosen is not only a faith, it is a system of rules, with roots in a distant culture. How can one reconcile it with one’s own culture? Between halal pastries and prayers in the street, their daily story sheds new light, alternately amused and bitter, on both Naples and our society.

Ernesto PAGANO was born in 1981. He studied Islam at the Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”.
He is a journalist, Arabic translator and documentary film-maker.
He lived for three years in Cairo working as correspondent for Italian magazines and newspapers, and as an Arabic translator. While there he made a short film about Cairo taxi-drivers called “Cairo Taxi Drivers” (2009), as well as two documentaries: “Nasser mon Amour” (2011) and “Lontano da Tahrir” (2012).
Since his return to Italy he has worked on “Report”, a Rai Tre programme, and conducted investigations for Arte, the National Geographic Channel and La7.