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LA REVOLUTION DES FEMMES – Un siècle de féminisme arabe

54 minutes, 2014 Director: Feriel BEN MAHMOUD (France, Tunisia) Production Company: Drôle de Trame, with the support of France Télévisions (France) What role have the Arab revolutions given women? As they took to the streets alongside men, women’s rights and status have un-leashed passions and political battles. Yet 50 years ago, in the wake of …

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TRAQUES 60 minutes, 2012 Direction : Paul MOREIRA (France) Production : Premières Lignes Télévision (France) ___ The Arab revolutions could not have been won without the Internet. It was the first horizontal insurrection, with no real leader, where information flowed rapidly through networks, twitter and cell phone, where abuses of power were systematically filmed and …

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