117 minutes, 2015
Director : Yorgos AVGEROPOULOS (Greece)
Production : Small Planet (Greece), WDR (Germany), Al Jazeera Arabic (Qatar)

Having spent years observing the world, director Yorgos Avgeropoulos turns his camera to his own country: Greece. He films the development of the financial crisis, its impact on lives, in every social class. He witnesses street demonstrations, solidarity movements, but also the rise of political extremism. He interviews influential personalities, experts and policy makers in search of answers, to overcome an unprecedented crisis.
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Yorgos AVGEROPOULOS was born in Athens in 1971. He is a journalist and documentary film-maker working for Greek television channels. He was a correspondent during the conflicts in Bosnia, Croatia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Palestine. In 2000 he created the series “Exandas”, making over 100 documentaries broadcast on Greek state television and worldwide.
Among his latest documentaries: “Agorá” (2015), “The Lost Signal of Democracy” (2014, winner of the Reportage Award at the 2014 PriMed), “People and Numbers” (2013), “El Sistema – Saving Lives” (2013), “Golden Times: Cassandra’s Treasure” (2012), “Black Vilva” (2012), “Charity, Diplomacy and Business” (2012), “The Midas Effect” (2011) and “Stealing from the Poor” (2011).