90 minutes, 2016
Director : Yael KIPPER et Ronen ZARETZKY (Israel)
Production : Turtles Films (Israel)

“Child Mother” is about the now elderly women who were born in Morocco or the Yemen, and forced to marry while still very young. Memories of a lost childhood. When they were only 5, 6 or 10 years old, their parents tore them from the playground and married them to older men. They remember the violence and fear they experienced, getting pregnant at the age of 11 or 12, and becoming mothers while they were still children.


Yael KIPPER was born in 1969 in Israel. She studied at Tel-Aviv’s Camera Obscura art school. For the past fifteen years she has been directing and producing documentaries, among them “A Talent for the Land” (2014), “Displaced” (2008), “Shining Stars” (2008), “The Last Fighters” (2006).

Ronen Zaretzky also studied at Tel-Aviv’s Camera Obscura art school. He is a senior editor of the newspaper Haaretz. He is also senior editor of the investigative programme Uvda, broadcast on Keshet TV / Channel 2. He is also a producer and director: among his most recent documentaries: “A Talent for the Land” (2014), “Super Women” (2013), “Displaced” (2008), “The Last Fighters” (2006).