52 minutes, 2016
Director: Jean-Michel RODRIGO (France)
Production: Marmitafilms (France), with the participation of France Télévisions (France) and France 3 Midi-Pyrénées (France)


A leading anarchist, Federica Montseny was elected minister of Spain’s Second Republic in 1936. During her tenure she tried to establish a universal health care system, dared draft laws on contraception, birth control, the rights of single mothers and prostitutes. She passed a law giving women the right to abortion forty years before Simone Veil in France.
After the Spanish Civil War she took asylum in France, living in Toulouse where she continued unabated her fight for libertarian ideas, “mujeres libres” and education.


Jean-Michel RODRIGO
Fascinated by Indian and mixed-race cultures, Jean-Michel RODRIGO has made several TV reports and documentaries about the Andes, slums and mines. The issues being coca, guerillas, social organizations, resistance. Then he turned his attention to Africa, making “Les greniers de l’argent” about farmers fighting for control over their own lives. At the same time he produced “La Guerre des cotons” which brought to light the injustice of the international economic rules which give a handful of American farmers priority over the survival of twenty million African cotton producers. In the same vein, diving into the vortex of globalization, he made “Le business des fleurs” and “Du sucre et des fleurs dans nos moteurs”.