80 minutes, 2016
Director: Manuel HORRILLO (Spain)
Production: MLK Producciones (Spain), with the participation of Canal Sur TV (Spain)


“La Fabulosa Casablanca” is a story about nostalgia, glamour – and a certain bitterness – seen through the eyes of Spaniards who, imagining a North African El Dorado, helped create California-on-the-Atlantic, and who were then driven away from it. Using personal memories and testimonies about today’s Casablanca, the film looks at this moment of the 20th century through the mouthpiece of Pedro Casablanc who, like Manuel Horrillo, is from Casablanca, helped by the playwright Cándido Carrasco and actor Jean Reno. We also see rehearsals of a play about the colonial conflict which in 1950-1970 put an end to the convivencia between Europeans and Moroccans.


Born in Casablanca en 1959, Manuel HORRILLO is a Spanish documentary director.
He has worked on many feature films as digital special effects supervisor and has twice won a Goya Award for his work.
He also made the documentary “Rif 1921” (2008).