56 minutes, 2016
Director: Lidija ZELOVIC (Holland, Serbia)
Production: Zelovic Productions (Holland), IKON (Holland)


Born into a Serbian family from Sarajevo which emigrated to the Netherlands at the start of the civil war in Yugoslavia, the film-maker/journalist has followed the conflict and its consequences over many years.
In this film she returns to the country of her birth, using a personal approach to settle scores. She meets a cousin who was a sniper during the war, a journalist who tracked down Ratko Mladic, her relatives who, around a table, talk about the past and present.

Lidija ZELOVIC studied Yugoslav literature at the University of Sarajevo and worked as a TV presenter until the outbreak of war in 1992.
Emigrating to Holland with her family, she studied film at the University of Amsterdam.
From 1996 to 2001 she was a journalist in several countries at war. She then began directing and producing documentaries for Dutch, British and German public television companies.