80 minutes, 2014
Director: Sophia et Georgia SCOTT (United Kingdom)
Production Company: GroundTruth Production (United Kingdom), Dartmouth Films (United Kingdom), UpperGate Entertainment (United States)

“In the Shadow of War” is a journey through the hopes, dreams and fears of a new generation living with the effects of a war which ended before most of them were born. The film shows the energetic spirit of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also the legacy of a brutal conflict.

After a year at the European Film College in Denmark, Sophia SCOTT received her documentary film diploma at the Newport Film School of the University of Wales. She then spent six years in Nairobi and worked as a documentary director and producer for PBS and the BBC, amongst others.

After a diploma at the University of Arts in London, Georgia SCOTT made her first documentary with her sister Sophia “Karibuni Lamu”, shot in Kenya.