52 minutes, 2013
Director: Dimitris KOUTSIABASAKOS (Greece)
Production Company: KinoLab (Greece)

Since 1980, Nikos Anastasiou, a Greek travelling grocer, has been working the same route.
Once a week, accompanied by his wife Sophia, he leaves Trikala to go up into the abandoned villages in the Pindos Mountains, northern Greece, a route of 75 km by car.
In recent years, their two sons, Kostas and Thimios, help.
The documentary follows their journey during the four seasons of the year.

Dimitris Koutsiabasakos was born in 1967. He studied film and television directing at Moscow’s National Film Institute V.G.I.K.
He has made several documentaries, series, short and longer films.
Among his recent films: “Hercules, Acheloos and My Granny” (1997 30-minute documentary), “Hill 33” (1998 43 minutes), “The Guardian’s Son” (2006 98 minutes), “The Grocer” (2013 documentary 81 and 52 minutes) and “Becoming an actor” (2014 61-minute documentary).