88 minutes, 2013
Réalisation : Agostino FERRENTE (Italie) et Giovanni PIPERNO (Italie)
Production : Pirata M.C., Parallelo 41, Point Film, Ipotesi Cinema, Bianca Film (Italie)

In Naples, time does not exist. It’s a popular belief, a superstition, a good luck charm, a joke, a song. In Naples, we spend our time waiting, and then, suddenly, we spend it remembering. Will beautiful things happen? Have they already passed? The film compares four lives in the Naples of 1999 – full of hope – and the Naples of today, completely paralyzed. Four young Neapolitans give us to see the burden of becoming adults: Fabio and Enzo, two boys of 12 years , always children … and Adele and Silvana, two girls of 14 years … Four looks full of beauty, sadness, ingenuity, fragility, fear, hope and cynicism.

Agostino FERRENTE, director, producer and Artistic Director, was born in 1971 in Cerignola, Italy. Assistant director of Silvano Agosti and Nico Cirasola, he obtained his first recognitions in international festivals for his short films “Poco più della metà di zero” in 1993, and “Opinioni di un pirla” in 1994. He then directed with Giovanni Piperno two award-winning documentaries: “Intervista a mia madre” and “Il film di Mario”. In 2001, he founded Apollo 11 in Rome to save the Apollo theater-theater, which was to be transformed into a playroom. With Mario Tronco, of the Avion Travel group, he creates in the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio which will become a documentary film in 2006, “The Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio”, winner of the Prize Art, Heritage and Cultures of the Mediterranean at PriMed 2007 .

Giovanni PIPERNO was born in 1964. He studied photography. He worked as a photographer, operator on several films and commercials, and from 1992 started producing and directing videos and documentaries, and TV shows. His documentary “L’Esplosione” won the Torino Film Festival 2003. Among his latest documentaries: “Il pezzo mancante”, 2010, 71 ‘; “The Danza delle Api”, 2008, 46 ‘; “This is my sister”, 2006, 58 ‘; “L’Esplosione”, 2003, 75 ‘; “Scusi, dov’è il documentario?”, 2003, 18 ‘