TINGHIR-JERUSALEM, Les Echos du Mellah

TINGHIR-JERUSALEM, Les Échos du Mellah
86 minutes, 2011
Director : Kamal HACHKAR (France / Morocco)
Production : Les Films d’Un Jour (France)


The story of an exile, “Tinghir Jérusalem, les echos du Mellah” is about what happened to a Jewish community which left the Berber village of Tinghir (Morocco) in the 1950’s and 60’s. Kamal Hachkar, born in Tinghir, takes us to the crossroads of the two cultures, with songs, voices and stories of this dual identity shared between Jews and Muslims.

Kamal HACHKAR is a young French-Moroccan of Berber origin and a Muslim. Born in Tinghir, he left Morocco at the age of six months with his mother to join his father, who had immigrated to France in 1968. After studying history at the Sorbonne, he became a teacher. Interested in the Jewish culture and the Judaeo Moroccan heritage, he wanted to discover this culture in Israel and Morocco. Learning Hebrew, he organized cultural evenings with Jewish and Arab poets in Paris. He has participated in debates connecting Israeli and Palestinian students, making them think about what identity and the relationship to clan or tribe really mean.