52 minutes, 2015
Director: Fatima Ithri IRHOUDANE (Morocco)
Production: AMC2 Productions (France), MPS (Morocco), Berbère TV (France), 2M (Morocco), TL7 (France), TV8 Mont Blanc (France)

A handful of Berber women from Morocco’s Middle Atlas, carpet weavers during the night hours, talk about their craft, their traditions, their lives and their future. They live off their plentiful dreams, occasionally allowing others a glimpse into their private world.
Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, all work hard at domestic tasks such as the manufacture of traditional carpets. In a self-sufficient economy, they still have no financial autonomy, nor recognition of their talent. They are desperate to break free from their social status and provide an education and future for their children.
From Essaouira, on the Atlantic coast, comes news of very similar women who have changed their lives by creating cooperatives to produce argan oil. Taaborth and Erkia set out to investigate and, amazed, tell their sisters about this first journey beyond their mountains, filling them with hope.

Fatima Ithri IRHOUDANEFatima Ithri Irhoudane is a Moroccan journalist and film-maker. She writes film reviews under the name Ghodane Afares. Obsessed with the cinema and Jean Rouch’s career, “Tisseuses de Rêves” is her first documentary film.