(Flesh and bones)
56 minutes, 2023
Director : Roberto Zazzara (Italy)
Production : IFA Glocal Film project for IFA Scuola di Cinema (Italy)

In a small town perched in the mountains of Abruzzo, a one-of-a-kind competition has been held for centuries. Every year in Pacentro, local men jump off a cliff made of living rock and run to the river, before running back up. The first to enter in the church wins the “Corsa degli Zingari”. It is an ancestral rite, whose origins are unknown, in which people participate for spiritual or material reasons, and which is linked to the indissoluble relationship between nature and man.

Roberto ZAZZARA, director and director of photography, works between Italy and India. He has directed the thriller The Bunker Game (Shudder Original), documentaries (multiple award-winning Transhumance), short films (Tiro a vuoto, the most awarded at Nastri d’Argento) and interactive films (Claustrophonia), television series for Disney and MTV. As a director of photography, he mainly collaborates on international projects. His most recent works are the Indian films Boomika (Netflix Original), Idhu Vedhalam Sollum Kathai, and the American documentaries The War in between (Premiere at the Rome Film Festival 2017).

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