14 minutes, 2022
Director : Sándor M. SALAS (Spain)
Production : Anandor Producciones (Spain)

Far from homogenizing parameters, flamenco uses the subversive power of art to highlight the diversity of bodies on stage. Disability is no longer a limit, but a creative starting point.

Born in Seville in 1983, Sándor M. SALAS graduated in editing and digital post-production at the Escuela Andaluza de Cinematografía (EAC). He enjoys exploring audiovisual language and his work includes creative documentaries, experimental cinema and video art. He has already directed the video essay Seismic Silence (2020), presented and awarded at the Seville European Film Festival. His short films have been selected in festivals such as DocsMX, Alcances or Alcine and nominated for the ASECAN Awards

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