50 minutes, 2014
Directors: Agnès SKLAVOS (Greece) and Stelios TATAKIS (Greece)
Production Company: Tatakis AV Productions (Greece)

June 1914. Just before the outbreak of the First World War, the entire Greek population living on the coast of Asia Minor (now Turkey) had to evacuate their villages and flee to Greece, abandoning homes and land.
This expulsion, happening during a difficult political and diplomatic period, did not have the impact one might have expected.
At the time French archaeologist Felix Sartiaux, and three colleagues were in the region on an archaeological mission to discover traces of the city of Phocaea (now Foça in Turkey).
They were not only witnesses of this sudden attack but managed to save and help a considerable number of Greeks in their flight.

Agnès SKLAVOS was born in London. She studied French literature at Athens University and film directing at the Stavrakos film school.
She worked as assistant and first assistant on several Greek feature films. Her first film as a director, “O Kir Orpheas” (2004), won the Greek Best Documentary at the 6th Kalamata International Documentary Festival.
For 12 years she has been making TV series, shorts and documentaries.

Stelios TATAKIS was born in Athens. He studied IT programming at Delta and lighting camerawork at the Stavrakos film school.
Since 1991 he has worked as an editor, DP, director, GFX and post-production supervisor, editing TV commercials, industrial films and features.

Together they have the following credits: “Ta kolitiria – Playing with Shadows” (documentary, 2012); “White & Blue” (short film 2012), “Heaven On-line” (short film 2012) and “Extreme Walks” (short film 2011).