84 minutes, 2022
Director : Adnane BARAKA (Morocco)
Production : Alphae Ursae Productions (Morocco), JPL Production (France)

Looking for stones in the vastness of the Moroccan desert may seem absurd. Unless they are celestial stones, which have the power to change the lives of those who find them. Mohamed, the nomad, and Abderrahmane, the scientist, roam the arid lands in search of meteorites, each with their own reasons.

Adnane BARAKA was born on January 4, 1987. After studying at the ESAV Cinema School in Marrakech, he graduated in Directing in 2011. Independent Moroccan filmmaker, he was born and lives in Marrakech. In 2010, he made his first short documentary Talbanine, a sensitive film about an isolated school in the mountains, led by the students and their teacher and awarded at the FIFE in Casablanca. In 2019, he completed his first documentary feature Wandering Stars, about three young blind Moroccans defying countless obstacles in order to survive in their parallel world and find true meaning in their lives. He is also a musician, researching acoustic and synthetic sounds through the InCave and SENT projects.

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