24 minutes, 2017
Director: Ali AL-IBRAHIM (Syria)
Production: Feras FAYYAD, Aleppo Media Centre (Syria)

Suffocated by the inhuman and endless siege imposed by the Syrian regime, and after five uninterrupted months of senseless bombardment, a group of children living in Aleppo begin to paint the walls of the city.
A gesture of protest and minimal resistance, to dare to dream about the return of life in a city humiliated by shooting and bombs, in the sight of and with the full knowledge of the international powers who made no attempt to save lives.
All over the city, colour appears. Small glimmers of hope germinate in the heads of the thousands of people who have remained prisoners, choking in the dust between ruins and rubble.
As Russian forces cut food and medical supplies, more than 280,000 civilians wander the streets homeless, without shelter, looking for reasons to continue, for new sources of hope. What happened in Aleppo will never be forgotten.

is a Syrian journalist.
He holds a degree in Media and Communications from Damascus University. He has worked as a correspondent for several Syrian newspapers, and as a reporter for pan-Arab newspapers, including, Al-Mouden, Aaraby Aljadeed and Elaph. He has made investigative reports for Al-Araby TV and ARIJ (Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism Network). He has also worked as a reporter for Sky News Arabia making TV reports inside Syria on the current war.