88 minutes, 2022
Director : Giulia AMATI (Italy)
Production : Blink Blink Prod (Italy) Films de l’œil sauvage (France), Bad Crowd (Greece), Rai Cinema (Italy)

The island of Arki in Greece has a thousand of goats and thirty inhabitants. If there is no town hall or health center, there is a school where Kristos, nine years old, the only child on the island, follows the teachings of Maria, his teacher. But Kristos is growing up and will soon have to choose between leaving the island to continue his education or staying on Arki and become a shepherd.

Giulia AMATI is a Franco-Italian writer, director and producer. Graduated in philosophy and then in digital video, in 2013 she founded Blink Blink Prod, which participates in the production of numerous documentaries and commercials films for humanitarian NGOs.