54 minutes, 2016
Director: Hamdi BEN AHMED (Tunisia)
Production: No Pasaran Production (Tunisia)

Cut off from the world, in the extreme south of Tunisia, with neither papers nor birth certificates, the Rebayaa tribe maintains the nomadic lifestyle of its ancestors. “Les Derniers Nomades” brings us into their daily life, showing us their traditions, songs and music. But slowly people within the community are starting to wonder which road they should take to the “civilized” world.

Hamdi BEN AHMED, a young Tunisian director, made his first short film “Métamorphose” in 2006. In 2011, with grants from the Tunisian Ministry of Culture, he made a documentary “Préhistoire de la Tunisie”, a film selected at several festivals such as the Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage, FESPACO and FOFA where in 2012 he won the Best Arab Documentary Award. “Les Derniers Nomades” is his first feature-length film.