12 minutes, 2022 Directors : Laura MARAGOUDAKI (Greece) et Tatiana MAVROMATI (Greece) Production : ROSA LUXEMBURG OFFICE IN GREECE (Grèce), PHAEDRA VOKALI (Greece), TATIANA MAVROMATI (Greece), LAURA MARAGOUDAKI (Greece)

A portrait of domestic work as experienced by Georgian housekeepers working in Greece. The film explores the monotonous, hard and invisible work behind the care, as well as the isolation and insecurity of women who have to work to serve the others. 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, with only one Sunday off.

Laura MARAGOUDAKI is an artist and a director. Her work combines documentary narratives with visual arts research. She is interested in the collective and individual narratives that make up the histories of communities. Her artistic practice combines elements of oral history, the use of archives and collaboration with the communities themselves.
Tatiana MAVROMATI is an Athens-based documentary photographer and educator. She is interested in themes of migrant cultures and communities, as well as issues related to gender and women’s work. Live-in is her first film.

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