52 minutes, 2012
Réalisation : Muayad ALAYAN et Laila HIGAZI (Palestine)
Production : Palcine Productions (Palestine)



Natural stone is often seen as Palestine’s “white gold”, because it is the Territory’s most requested raw material. But what the stone industry produces is largely requisitioned for Israeli needs – which includes the illegal settlements in Palestinian territory. In the villages, towns and refugee camps, the stone is hacked out at incredible speed, causing serious ecological, social and health problems. The only response Palestinian citizens get to their complaints is heavy Israeli repression, the indifference of international organizations or the denial of Palestinian authorities, powerless in the face of changes in the industry.

Muayad ALAYAN is a Palestinian director and cameraman. Having studied film in San Francisco he returned to Palestine and now lives in Jerusalem. He made a short film “Lesh Sabreen?” which has been selected by several festivals. He teaches film at the Dar Al Kalima College in Bethlehem.

Laila HIGAZI is a biologist. Having studied at the Vrije Universiteit van Brussel, she moved to Jerusalem where she trained as a documentary film-maker. She coordinates several environmental projects on the West Bank.