79 minutes, 2015
Director: Amber FARES (Canada)
Production Company: SocDoc Studios LLC (United States)

Desperate for the rush of adrenaline and throb of multi-cylinders, five Palestinian women decided to compete in male-dominated car races. They are Betty, Marah, Mona, and Rhana Noor, between 22 and 32 years, and in Palestine they are known as the Speed Sisters. The first women to compete in car racing, they challenge men on the circuit trying to become the Fastest Palestinian Woman and prove to the world that a woman is equal to man.

Amber FARES is a Canadian film-maker with Lebanese roots.
After 9/11 she abandoned her career in marketing to deepen her knowledge of life in the Middle East. Then she co-founded the production company SocDoc Studios to make films exploring social issues.
Her first film as director “Ghetto Town” (2009), has been shown at several festivals. “Speed Sisters” is her first long documentary.