28 minutes, 2015
Réalisation : Nasser BAKHTI (Algeria, Swiss)
Production : Troubadour Films (Swiss)

Even after so many years of war, the Algerian people’s thirst for freedom is still intact. Many injustices are still present. The findings are staggering for this giant of Africa: 70% of young people are blighted by unemployment.
Algerian youth are getting ready for something, in this country so different from its North African neighbours. The disputed re-election of their sick president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, for a fourth mandate, in April 2014, seems a new barrier to the desire for change rumbling among the population.

is a producer/director with 23 years experience, extensive knowledge and valuable skills for every stage of the film production process, from creation to distribution. He has produced and directed high level films for broadcasters such as Radio Télévision Suisse RTS, ARTE, Channel 4, TV5 Monde, Yle TV, the History Channel, Cuisine TV and Radio Canada. He has also directed and produced several long documentaries and drama films, at the same time supporting and producing other film-makers by providing them with resources and supervision to help them realize their projects and put them into images.