62 minutes, 2015
Director: Eyal SAGUI BEZAWIE (Israel) and Sara TSIFRONI (Israel)
Production: Trabelsi Productions (Israel)

At the time when Israel’s worst enemy was Egypt, Israeli television used to broadcast an Egyptian film every week.
Even today, many Israelis look back with nostalgia at that Friday night ritual, a time when television only had one channel. Everyone used to watch the Arab film of the week, but how many wondered how the official Israeli television company managed to cross the border to get these films, and what was the reason for this persistent desire to show films made by the “enemy”?

Eyal BEZAWIE SAGI is a researcher specializing in Egyptian cinema and popular culture. He studied Arab literature, Middle Eastern history and cultural studies, now teaching in several art and film schools.
He also works as a television writer and as editor in the art and culture department of the daily newspaper Haaretz. “Arabic Movie” is his first film.

Sara TSIFRONI studied sociology and anthropology at Tel Aviv University.
In 1992 she began working as a journalist on several newspapers. Since 1998 she has been a documentary film-maker and writer on television projects and documentaries. “Arabic Movie” is her first film.