(Libya, Anatomy of a Crime)

69 minutes, 2018
Director : Cécile ALLEGRA (France, Italy)
Production : Cinétévé, Arte (France)

Yassine, Nazir and Ahmed have escaped from Libya, the land of their birth. Like ghosts they wander in
Tunis, bearing within them a heavy secret. They come across a handful of investigators, Libyan
resistance fighters also exiled in Tunisia, and tell their confused, painful story. Two of the investigators,
Emad et Ramadan, obstinate but caring, follow-up the scraps of information given by these three damaged men. When their eye-witness statements are put together, they reveal the outlines of an unprecedented crime: since the Revolution the systematic rape of Libyan men on a massive scale. An unspeakable crime which history is trying to suppress.

Born in Rome, Cécile ALLEGRA studied political science and philosophy before turning to documentary film-making. In 2015 she won the Albert Londres Award. For 15 years she has worked around the world as a documentary director and reporter. Her films have been shown mainly on Arte and France Télévisions. They have been selected for and won awards at many festivals in France and abroad. Her documentary “Voyage en Barbarie” won the Grand Prix du Documentaire Enjeux Méditerranéens at the 2015 PriMed. In 2016 she published “Le salaire des enfants” at Le Editions Stock, finalist for the Livre Européen Award.