(Marseilles, They’ve Killed My Son)

55 minutes, 2018
Direction : Édouard BERGEON and Philippe PUJOL (France)
Production : Cocottesminute productions, with the participation of Public Sénat and France Télévisions

Souad, Baya and Cécile: three mothers in Marseilles.They watched their sons grow up in the city’s
northern neighbourhoods, and then watched them lose themselves there. Sometimes die. These mothers tell us in fragments how they survive, stuck in tower-blocks which they cannot leave and where they are slowly consumed by their own grief. Through memories of the past, the daily chaos of their lives and their efforts to find a future, the film tells the story of these women who have lost their child.



Édouard BERGEON is an author and director. His film “Les fils de la terre” on the unhappiness of farmers, directly inspired by his father’s tragic example, won many distinctions in France and abroad: Jury Mention at the 2012 FIPA, Best First Film FIGRA 2012, Finalist for the Albert Londres Award, an Étoile at the SCAM (Société Civile des Auteurs Multimédias) and selected for the official competition at IDFA – Amsterdam.

Philippe PUJOL is a Marseilles-based journalist, author and director. He won the 2014 Albert Londres Award for his series of articles on Marseilles’ northern neighbourhoods: “Quartiers shit”. In 2012 he had already won the Premier Prix Varenne PQR for his newspaper series “French deconnection”, published in La Marseillaise. From these two series came his first book “French deconnection: au coeur des trafics”. He has also written “La fabrique du monstre: 10 ans d’immersion dans les
quartiers nord de Marseille, la zone la plus pauvre d’Europe” (2016), “Mon cousin le fasciste” (2017) et “Marseille 2040. Le jour où notre système de santé craquera” (2018).

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