69 minutes, 2015
Réalisation : Pierfrancesco LI DONNI (Italie)
Production : Own Air (Italie), Minollo Film (Italie)

In Naples the football team Afro Napoli United have moved up into the national league, a dream for its players – mostly immigrants from the Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Senegal and Brazil. But none of them has a residence permit. Maxim came from a country at war. Adam, who dropped out of school, is goalkeeper and bartender. Lello, stateless, left a son behind. They struggle through the morass of Italian immigration laws, helped by their coach, Antonio.



Pierfrancesco LI DONNI was born in Palermo in 1984.
He studied contemporary history and visual arts at the University of Bologna.
As a director he has three documentaries to his credit: “Loro di Napoli” (2015), “Sempre vivi” (2013) and “Il secondo tempo” (2012).