56 minutes, 2012
Director : Thierry DEMAIZIERE and Alban TEURLAI (France)
Production : Falabracks, France Télévisions (France)


50 years after signing the Evian Accord in March 1962, the documentary “Troufions” (Squaddies) talks to 5 ordinary French soldiers who fought in Algeria as simple conscripts. Today these men are in the 70’s. For all these years they have stubbornly said nothing, they have told their families, their wives or their children nothing. Before it is too late they decided to speak out, for the first time. The film releases these men from their silence, harvesting the raw but authentic accounts of their secret sufferings and hidden wounds. These men-memories are farmers, workers or civil servants, at the time they were only 20 and simple squaddies.

Thierry DEMAIZIERE is an author and film-director. From 1985 to 1997, he was a senior reporter for radio RTL where he worked until 2011.

Alban TEURLAI is an author, film-director and editor. Together they have made the documentaries “Troufions” (2012, 52′), “Ces Messieurs Dames” (2010, 52′), “Thuram” (2009, 80′), “Robert Luchini dit Fabrice” (2009, 52′), “Lagerfeld, un roi seul” (2008, 52′), “Lost in Vegas” (2007, 60′) and “L’ordre des choses” (2003, 52′).