52 minutes, 2011
Director : Lidia PERALTA GARCIA (Spain)
Production : Producciones Damira (Spain)


Eight gypsy women living in El Vacie, a Seville slum, have become very popular in Spain after appearing in Federico García Lorca’s play “The House of Bernarda Alba”. But have their lives changed? What path led them from being marginalized to popularity? This documentary is a rare story of adventure and personal development.

Lidia PERALTA GARCIA was born in Grenada (Spain) in 1970. She studied translation and interpreting, then spent several years travelling in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. In 2000 she completed a journalism course in Malaga, then she wrote a doctoral thesis on documentary films. Since 2001 she has been both editor and presenter of “Tesis”, a Canal 2 Andalucía programme about socio-cultural issues. As an independent film-maker she has made the following documentaries “Sudan, by the way” (2009); “The Caravan of the Manuscripts from Al-andalus” and “Ancient Megastructures: the Alhambra” (2007); “When the Moors ruled in Spain” (2006); “Alandalus in the mirror” (2005); and “Berbers of the High Atlas” (2003).


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