58 minutes, 2012
Director : Wael OMAR and Philippe DIB (Egypt)
Production : Middle West Films (Egypt)


Fiction meets reality: members of the Egyptian royal family made a film about themselves just a few weeks before the coup that ousted them from power. This 16mm footage shot in 1952 not only predicts their fate, but also – unwittingly – records the last days of a dynasty.

Wael OMAR SAYED EL AHL lives in Cairo. He has worked in film and television for eight years. He has produced several documentaries which have been shown on BBC Storyville, Al Arabiya, CMN, and ITVS. In 2008 he created his own production company, Middle West Films.

Philippe DIB
Philippe L. DIB is a film director/producer of Franco-Lebanese origin residing in Cairo. In 1996 he co-wrote and directed his feature debut, “Welcome Says The Angel”, filmed during the outbreak of violence following the Rodney King case in L.A.
As recently as 2006 he directed the award-winning documentary “El Tanbura”.
He also features in the 2012 documentary “½ revolution” where he shot a third of the footage and features as a character, musician and associate producer.


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