50 minutes, 2010
Director : Barak HEYMANN (Israel)
Production : Heymann Brothers Films (Israel)


The Samaritans, a tiny religious sect, are disappearing. They remain extremely attached to their rules against assimilation: if anyone leaves the community, they and their family are banished forever.
The Israeli actress Sophie Tzedaka was part of this group, but she and her three sisters have all become Jewish. They were banished from the group, as was their father. “Lone Samaritan” is a touching journey into the life of a father and his daughter, it explores universal issues of faith and modernity, the role of women in religion, and the individual’s right to forge his or her own identity.

Barak HEYMANN is director, script-writer and producer. He has made the following films: “End of the Story” (2012), “Lone Samaritan” (2010), “Dancing Alfonso” (2007), “Debut” (2007), “Bridge over the Wadi” (2006) and “My Village” (2005).