71 minutes, 2014
Directors: Delphine DELOGET (France) and Cécile ALLEGRA (France)
Production Company: Memento, Public Sénat, with the support of France Télévisions (France)

Since 2009, trading in humans has been rampant in the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. The victims, mostly Eritrean, are kidnapped there and tortured until an exorbitant ransom is paid. Robel, Germay, Filmon Halefom survived these torture camps. Through their words and actions recorded in the privacy of their rooms, the film traces their long journey to the heart of human cruelty. From Stockholm to Cairo, where they found refuge, each survivor recounts a nightmare mental exile which “Voyage en Barbarie” tries to recreate step by step.

Delphine DELOGET and Cécile ALLEGRA make documentaries for ARTE, France 3 and France 5. Delphine’s long “No London Today”, winning awards at several festivals, was shown at the Cannes Festival by ACID. Winner of the Villa Médicis hors les murs for “Qui se souvient de Minik?”, Delphine’s long drama film “Finistère” also won a Beaumarchais Foundation award, and the CNC quality award for a short drama co-produced by France 3.
Cécile worked as a journalist on Le Monde. Her film  “Haïti, la blessure de l’âme” was a finalist for the Albert Londres Award and selected for several festivals, including Figra. Winner of SCAM’s Brouillon d’un rêve award for “La Brigade”, she is finishing a book (ed. Stock) about the re-emergence of child labour in Europe, based on her film “Une enfance au travail” shown on France 3.