63 minutes, 2012
Réalisation : Régine ABADIA (France)
Production : La Huit (France)


Yasmina Khadra’s story is rather unusual. Her life is an epic. This best-selling authoress, whose early novels are set against the background of the Algerian civil war of the 1990’s, is in fact a man. His real name is Mohammed Moulessehoul. An Algerian army officer, he fought the Islamist wave which plunged Algeria into a bloodbath. He spent his sleepless nights writing novels which were published under a pseudonym made up of his wife’s two first names. As a sort of road movie between Algeria and France, this film unfolds as a journey through Yasmina Khadra’s work, his complex personality, and his life story which has been mixed up with the great History of Algeria since independence.

Régine ABADIA made her first short film “Premier Outrage” in 1985. She then made several short and medium-length drama films, including “Les Bêtes”. For the last fifteen years, she has made documentaries, the most recent being: “Yasmina & Mohammed”, “Jenny Bel’Air”, “La tête à l’envers” and “Pourquoi marcher quand on peut rouler?”. She is also a photographer.