(Blind spot)

13 minutes, 2021
Director : Lotfi ACHOUR (Tunisia)
Production : La Luna Productions (France), A.P.A. Artistes Producteurs Associés (Tunisia)

On October 7th 1991, during Ben Ali’s dictatorship in Tunisia, a man was kidnapped. He was tortured, killed and then disappears, his body has never been found. Nearly 30 years later he comes back to speak to us. Calm, almost cold, surgical, without dramatising, he looks at facts, people, places, time – and their confusion in his memory, strongly reviving ours. It brings us back to the surface, what we have voluntarily or involuntarily decided to bury, to repress from our collective history. He takes us with him in the twists and turns of this memory, making his mother’s question his own: “Where did you put my son’s body?”

Theatre and film director, Lotfi ACHOUR has staged more than 25 theatrical creations including Macbeth created for the World Shakespeare Festival for the London Olympics and produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company. In the cinema he has directed 3 short films selected by more than 200 festivals. He has won more than 80 awards around the world. “La Laine sur le dos” was selected in the Official Competition of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. He directed “Demain dès l’Aube”, a feature film selected for the official competition of the 2016 JCC, in New York, Beirut, at Cinemed, in Durban, Lausanne, Geneva and Paris, among others.

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