Averroès junior award 2017

The CMCA continues its work for high school students for the 2017 edition of PriMed, in partnership with the association Des Livres comme Des Idées, organizer of the Rencontres d’Averroès and the Oh Les beaux Jours festival and the Académie d’Aix- Marseille.

logo Avérroes Jr 2017

The Averroes Junior Prize is renewed and expanded, and in addition to the high schools in the PACA region, Algiers, Cairo, Palermo, Rome and Geneve, the CMCA obtained additional classes for this year at Alexandria, Casablanca, Tunis and Tripoli (Libya). All of these classes are made up of francophone students.

Find here the presentation (only in french) >> PriMed Education à la citoyenneté 2017


Contact : education@primed.tv


Algérie la Mecque des révolutionnairesALGER LA MECQUE DES RÉVOLUTIONNAIRES
56 minutes, 2016
Director : Ben SALAMA (France, Algeria)
Production : Electron Libre Productions, Version Originale, Arte France (France)

Dossier pédagogique >> ICI


Je danserai malgré toutJE DANSERAI MALGRÉ TOUT !
58 minutes, 2016
Director : Blandine DELCROIX (France)
Production : French Connection Films (France)

Dossier pédagogique >> ICI


54 minutes, 2017
Director : Laura AURIOLE (France) et Annalisa LENDARO (Italy)
Production : CNRS Images (France)