57 minutes, 2018
Direction : Michele COPPARI and Francesca ZANNONI (Italy)
Production : Cosenude Media Projects (Italy)

Bizerte, Tunisia. A port where the African landmass suddenly drops into the Mediterranean. The most northerly city in Africa, just 250 km from Italy.
Rich, fertile land, and for centuries a strategic port. A naval base with barracks and prisons. Bizerte, “Little Paris” during the French colonisation, is a city taken hostage by groups of radical Islamists.
Bizerte is Samar, a girl who trains for the next boxing match and wants to leave, Mohamed, writer, who has spent half a life in prison, Khaled, a Shiite craftsman and political opponent, preparing for action, Dhia and his cinema, his revolution.
All accomplices and victims of a story that returns under the banner of violence. The city weaves the plot of the story, she is also accomplice and victim, sweet and ruthless.

Michele COPPARI and Francesca ZANNONI are two Italian directors. They founded Cosenude Media Projects, a collective involved in several fields such as video production, photography, communication and cooperation. In 2010, they began their career as authors, directors and editors for several television channels such as Rai 2, Rai 5, Babel TV, producing short documentaries and stories. Their latest film “La Montagna di Ilio”, a story of mountains, friendship and adventure, filmed in the Dolomites, was selected at the 66th Trento Film Festival.