29 minutes, 2016
Director: Alejandro G. SALGADO (Spain)
Production: La Maleta (Spain)

“Bolingo. La forêt de l’amour” is about the journey travelled by many women from the heart of Africa to the North of Morocco, following their “European dream”.
Some of them give birth in the Bolingo camp, or in other camps built next to the border between Morocco and Spain.
Bolingo means “love” in Lingala, the language spoken by the Congolese migrants who decided to give a touch of humanity to the hard drama their fellow migrants suffer as they cross North Africa. They created this camp so migrant women can live with their children while waiting to cross the border into Europe.
“Bolingo: The Forest of Love” shows these mothers who struggle for survival, raising their children in difficult conditions.

Alejandro G. SALGADO was born in 1982. He studied Media and Communications, then Art History at Seville University. He completed his training in Barcelona, specialising in script-writing for feature-length drama films. Since 2011 he has worked as producer and director of several films.
His credits as a director include the documentary “Final de Trayecto” (2009), the short documentary “Among Tissues and Dreams” (2010) and the documentary “The Disorder of the Senses” (2013) – this last film winning several awards. Since 2014 he has been part of the production company La Maleta.