55 minutes, 2016
Director: Andrea GADALETA CALDAROLA (Italy)
Production: Andrea GADALETA CALDAROLA, Rosanna RIZZI (Italy)

Molfetta, a town in southern Italy, overlooking the Adriatic Sea.
Here the sea is not just a background for the tourist postcards – over the centuries the sea has shaped the town’s social ecosystem and economy through fishing and maritime commerce.
“Mare Nostro” weaves together the voices of fishermen, fragments of memory, into an oral history of a place: the port of Molfetta.

Andrea GADALETA CALDAROLA was born in 1979. He is a documentary director and editor. He also works as a film instructor.
His credits include three documentaries: “Mare nostro” (2016), “Destination de Dieu” (2014) and “Nomos” (2012).