87 minutes, 2016
Directors: Philip GNADT and Mickey YAMINE (Germany)
Production: Little Bridge Pictures (Germany)

Trapped inside the “largest open prison in the world” and subject to the laws of war, the new generation of Palestinians is irresistibly attracted to the edge of their world, the beaches. Revolted by the occupation and the political stalemate, the surfers of Gaza recover their personal freedoms in the waves of the Mediterranean.

Philip GNADT studied at Stuttgart’s Hochschule der Medien or Media University. His graduation film, “Zwölf Seiten”, won the Audience Award at Karlsruhe’s Independent Days International Filmfest (IDIF) in 2010. He works as a director. With Mickey Yamine he has been involved in the “Gaza Surf Club” project since 2012.

Mickey YAMINE grew up in Cairo before going to live in Germany at the age of 18. He studied film production at Babelsberg University where he graduated with his final-year film “Tropic of Bear”. With Little Bridge Pictures, his production company based in Berlin, he has recently produced “Gaza Surf Club” (2016) and “The Last Compartment” (2016).