Call for web documentaries!

This prize rewards the web-documentaries or POM (Petite OEuvre Multimédia / Little Multimedia Object) about Mediterranean subjects. A web-documentary is a documentary production made for and available on the Web, using pictures, texts, sounds, videos, in an interactive dimension.
The POM (Petite Oeuvre Multimédia / Little Multimedia Object) is a video production which combines photographer, filmmaker, web designer, sound designer and illustrator. This is a video editing animating the images, giving them a third dimension and with a direct approach to the subject.


To enter the competition, the following material must be provided:

· The internet link where the work is presented (by e-mail:
· A presentation of the project, maximum 10 lines, in French and English (by e-mail), with the date of creation, the
partners, the name and the presentation of the creators, some pictures.
· The application form
· Any additional promotional material: photos, articles, press kit, etc… (optional)
· Une présentation du projet en dix lignes maximum, en français et en anglais (par mail), avec la date de création du projet, les partenaires, le nom et la présentation des créateurs, des photos.
· La fiche d’inscription
· Tout matériel promotionnel supplémentaire, articles, dossier de presse (facultatif)


You can find here the web documentary “THE JOURNEY OF MOHAMED” that won the Mediterranean Multimedia award of 16th edition :