90 minutes, 2020
Réalisation : Yorgos AVGEROPOULOS (Greece)
Production : SmallPlanet Productions (Greece)
in coproduction with Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) (Germany),
with the collaboration of Arte (Germany, France)

The Covid-19 pandemic is the third consecutive crisis on the European continent, after theEuropean debt crisis and the refugee emergency.For five years, journalist Yorgos Avgeropoulos has followed leading figures of the Greekgovernment as they confronted the EU’s demands for ever greater austerity, while in thecountry right-wing extremism exploded and refugees arrived in droves round the coasts.A virus had managed to expose not only the weaknesses of neoliberalism – a creed built onfaith in free markets and deregulation – but also the failure of European values.

Yorgos AVGEROPOULOS was born in Athens in 1971. He is a journalist and documentary film-maker. He has workedfor Greek TV channels. He was correspondent during the conflicts in Bosnia, Croatia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo andPalestine. In 2000 he created the series “Exandas”, with more than 100 documentaries which were broadcast on Greekpublic television and all over the world.Among his most recent films: “Jusqu’à la dernière goutte. La guerre secrète de l’eau en Europe” (2017), “Agora” (2015,selected for PriMed 2015 – the Festival of the Mediterranean in images), “The Lost Signal of Democracy” (2014, winnerof the Reportage Award at PriMed 2014), “People and Numbers” (2013), “El Sistema – Saving Lives” (2013), “GoldenTimes: Cassandra’s Treasure” (2012), “Black Vilva” (2012), “Charity, Diplomacy and Business” (2012), “The MidasEffect” (2011) and “Stealing from the Poor” (2011).

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