75 minutes, 2019
Director : Kamal HACHKAR (France, Morocco)
Production : HK’Art Studio (Morocco)
in coproduction with Timbia Films (France), with the participation of TV 2M (Morocco)

Neta Elkayam and Amit Haï Cohen live in Jerusalem. Together they created a band whose music draws on and re-fashions their Judeo-Moroccan heritage. On stage as in life, they explore this dual identity, as if to repair the wounds of the exile their parents experienced. Punctuated by musical meetings, “In your Eyes, I see my Country” follows them on a Moroccan tour which changes their concept of themselves and what they want to become. From that comes the dream of creating bridges with the country of their forefathers.

Kamal HACHKAR is an independent Franco-Moroccan film-maker. Born in Morocco, he left the country at the age of six months with his mother to join his immigrant father in France. His entire childhood was marked by his father’s having to leave Morocco to find work. Because of this uprooting, he still has a special sympathy for the displaced.
With a master’s degree in history from the Sorbonne University, he became a history teacher. In 2012 he made his first documentary, “Tinghir-Jerusalem: the echoes of the Mellah”: selected at the 2013 PriMed – the Festival of the Mediterranean in Images and at many festivals around the world, the film won several awards and sparked a national debate on the many faces of Morocco.

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