(Homage to Kobani)

13 minutes, 2017
Director: Soran QURBANI (Iran)
Production: Nakba FilmWorks, Edinburgh College of Art (United Kingdom)

A trip through the city of Kobanî, the administrative centre of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, commonly known as Rojava,
narrated by a 19-year old fighter, Narine. In a letter to her mother, she reveals her daily life in the ruins of a city shattered by war and deserted by its inhabitants, from whom she unearths memories buried under the rubble.

Soran QURBANI was born in 1983 in Mahabad (Iran). Aged 19 he left for the autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan. After studying archaeology, he taught himself film-making before joining the Doku Workshops. He made a film about excision, “Les larmes d’Eve”, which has been shown in several festivals, and works for the television channel of an Iranian opposition party, the PDKI. Having related his journey in “Soran fait son cinéma”, he was granted refugee status by the United Kingdom, where he is studying documentary film-making at Edinburgh University