47 minutes, 2019
Director : Mohamed KENAWI (Egypt, Italy)
Production : Domino Film (Italy), AlJazeera Documentary Channel (Qatar)

Halfway between documentary and investigative journalism, this film tries to paint an overall picture of very young, unaccompanied migrants, first by showing three boys who were minors when they arrived in Italy and then by following the person who looked after them – a supervisor in a reception centre for unaccompanied minors. He supervises young people within the structure, then trying to help them outside as he tries to understand what brought them to Italy, how they are seen by the state and legal system, what they can expect when they leave the structure, what dangers lie in wait for them – while at the same time trying to understand their sorrows and their hopes.

Mohamed KENAWI was born in Egypt. He graduated in Italian Language and Literature at Cairo’s Ain Chams University. He worked as a translator and author before emigrating to Italy in 2000, where he studied film production and editing in Rome.
From 2003 to 2006 he worked as an assistant producer for the Orbit satellite TV network. Since 2006 he has been director, author and producer with his own production company Domino Film. He has a series of documentaries to his credit which explore multiculturalism, ethnic minorities and human rights.