95 minutes, 2017
Director : Fernando ROMERO-FORSTHUBER (Austria, Spain)
Production : Soleil Film (Austria)

Born a Palestinian in the state of Israel, the musician Jowan Safadi is famous throughout the Arab world. He is not afraid to tackle taboo subjects, and this has made him a highly controversial figure: under investigation by the Israeli police for “incitement to terrorism”, his most recent tour in Jordan ended with him being arrested by the authorities. Currently Jowan has a new challenge: his 15-year-old son Don has moved into his home, so Jowan now has to assume his responsibilities as father.

Fernando ROMERO-FORSTHUBER was born in Seville in 1983, his father Spanish, his mother Austrian. At the age of 17 he went to live in Vienna where he worked in cinema. Two years later he went to Israel for the first time, working with Palestinian musicians as producer / director of their video clips. In Austria he continued working in video clips, cinema and advertising. Most recently he worked on news reports for Austrian television companies ORF and ATV, particularly in Syria.